DIY Light Bulb Gift

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       I’m making my first DIY something that’s short, simple and cute. This is a quick inexpensive gift that can be given to anyone who has inspired you. 


Step OnE:

       Separate the yellow M&M’s. There’s a very limited amount of yellow M&M’s in each pack, so getting enough to fill the light bulb may be a challenge. 

Step Two:

       Cut out the ‘thanks for helping to make my future bright’ label. 

Step Three:

Fill the light bulb with the yellow M&M’s.

Step Four:

       Cut a 5′ inch piece of string, attach it to the label and tie it around the light bulb.

Finished Product:

       I gifted this to one of my favorite college professors, who teaches Introduction to Special Education. 

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4 thoughts on “DIY Light Bulb Gift

  1. This is really a cool gift to give anybody no matter the age. I’m proud of you for doing this you always have been an outgoing person. So keep it up.

  2. I love the way you help give people creative ideas on how to do things. I also love how when you post a photo in your photography section they actually capture the true beauty of the place. As a photographer it’s amazing to see others try and capture the weakness of a place or a person.

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