My College Dorm Room | Freshman Year

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       In August of 2017, I began my freshman year of college at Armstrong State University. I was excited about moving to a new city, starting college, making new friends and decorating! I had honestly been slowly accumulating small decor pieces for my dorm room since the summer before my SEN17R year. I also created a number of DIY’s to make my room feel more comfortable. 

color scheme: light pink, dark pink, white, and grey

DIY’s featured: Yarn WallMouse Pad, Happiness Jar, and Grad Cap

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8 thoughts on “My College Dorm Room | Freshman Year

  1. This is probably the dopest looking form setup I’ve ever seen. My freshman year I still looked like a sloppy teenage who clearly still needed a parent. I love it. I need to adopt some of this for my apartment space right now.

  2. I love this! I’ve always been into doing DIY for years! I think I spent the majority of my freshman and sophomore year taking inspiration from things I saw in stores and tried to recreate it on my own. You’re doing awesome!

  3. Aw this is super cute! my freshman dorm was not this cute at all but I did enter school before the dorm decor trend. love the style.

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