Girls Trip

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I had my first official ‘Girl’s Trip’ during Spring Break of 2019. I went on a vacation to Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater Beach, Florida with roommates my Yauna and Danielle. 

St. Petersburg

On our first day, we visited St. Pete Beach. We enjoyed a quick lunch at Metro Diner before heading to the beach to watch a beautiful sunset.


Tampa was by far our busiest day. We began by taking a walk around Hyde Park. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch at a local restaurant called Taco Dirty. Then, we took a short drive to Westshore Plaza, a mall in Tampa. Once we finished shopping around, we headed back to our Airbnb, to prepare for dinner. We dined at Charley’s Steak House. This was an amazing experience because I had never eaten at a steak house before. We concluded our day by snapping a few pictures in front of the “Sticks of Fire” art sculpture, located at The University of Tampa.

Clearwater Beach

On our third day, we visited Clearwater Beach, Florida. Our day began by enjoying a few hours in the sun, and having a good ole fashioned beach day. After leaving the beach, we decided to catch a ferry boat to take a small tour of downtown Clearwater. 

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8 thoughts on “Girls Trip

  1. I went to Clearwater for a spring break trip when I was in college too! Even though we were underage, we managed to sneak in a casino lol. Now most of downtown Clearwater has been take over by Scientologists…they’re trying to make the whole city their headquarters. Glad you were able to steer clear of them!

  2. It looks like you all had a great time! I haven’t been to those parts of Florida but thanks for sharing the specifics so I can use them later to explore. I’m from Charleston, SC and I love laying out on the beach!

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