Self Care Sunday

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"Self-care is how you take your power back."

Mind. Be Still. It is easy to be absorbed into the over-digitalized society that we live in. Sometimes it’s best to just take a mental break. Find a beautiful place and detach from your phone. Be still. Enjoy your surroundings and allow yourself to live in the moment. 

Body. Detox. Take some time to cleanse your body of all impurities and toxins. A simple 3 day cleanse can improve your skin, and overall mood. 

Soul. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others. The sooner you get rid of this bad habit, the better. The continuous comparison of yourself to others will inevitably lead to jealousy and unwanted negative thoughts in your life. Replace envy with admiration and use it as a guide for achieving goals in your own life.

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14 thoughts on “Self Care Sunday

  1. I love it!! Your blog is absolutely beautiful and very professional looking, with a sprits of fun!! It’s absolutely amazing and honestly is just down right helpful!!

  2. This is great. Sometimes I forget to care for myself due to having a newborn, but I’m going to try this.

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