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       On June 18th, I turned 20. 🙂 yes, I know..  FINALLY, right!? Last year, I kinda went all-out for my birthday, but this year I decided to keep it simple. So, here’s how a girl, whose  been around since 1999, celebrated her birthday!

       For my 20th birthday, I wanted to do something simple and fun.  My friend Anna, who I’ve known since my freshman year of high school, and I took a short road trip to Augusta, Georgia. We met up with one of my college friends, Yauna, and had a good ole fashioned girls day.  We laughed, shopped, took mini photoshoots,  and enjoyed fish pedicures!

       On my actual birthday, June 18th, we ate dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse. I love a good ‘dinner and show’, and I will never grow tired of watching a chef prepare my food in front of me. I ordered hibachi chicken and steak. 🙂

       Bringing my three-day birthday celebration to an end, I visited my home town  Atlanta, Georgia. It’s been entirely too long, give or take 2 years, since I’ve been home. Just being able to reminisce  and see the places where I grew up, made the trip worth while.

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        We dined at the famous Old Lady Gang (OLG) restaurant, owned by one of Atlanta’s finest, Kandi Burruss. Afterward’s my friends and I pretended to be tourist in downtown Atlanta, by engaging in a few more activities. We walked the streets of downtown gazing at skyscrapers and enjoying the city life during sunset. After nightfall, we headed down to the Atlanta Skyline, where we could catch a glimpse of the gorgeous city lights. We concluded our long day with Anna insisting on us renting Lyft scooters. Although I was skeptical about this, I enjoyed zipping through the parks and roads of downtown. 

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13 thoughts on “Since 1999

  1. Great way to kick off your 20’s! I’m glad you decided to travel, make memories, and document the experiences. I pray you continue to have many more memorable birthdays to come 😊

  2. Happy Late Birthday! You beat Teen Pregnancy 🤰. I definitely need to try the Hibachi restaurant when I go back to Atalanta, it sounds amazing. I also need to try those scooters 🛴. Hope 20 brings you great joy and happiness.

  3. aw! happy birthday! My birthday was on the 15th! I like that you made it fun but simple for your birthday and that your friends helped you celebrate!

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