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   Is it me, or did Summer 19′ go by super quick!? I just feel like August is right around the corner and I still haven’t gotten my life together, but that’s  a story for another day. Haha. As move-in day is slowly approaching, we’ll soon all be packing up our cars and heading back to college. 

       New dorms, mean new decorations. I’m creating a 3 part ‘Back to College’ series on my blog, which will include easy and  inexpensive DIY’s to add personalization to your room! 🙂

Rustic Photo Display


Step One:

 Lay out your balsa wood on a flat surface. Mark seven dots, that are 2 inches apart.

Step Two:

Use your wooden skewer (or something pointy) to ‘drill’ holes through the wood.

Step Three:

Cut seven  pieces of twine. Each should be approximately 25 inches.

Step Four:

       Place the string through the hole on one piece of wood, double knot it. Then, tie it to the other piece of balsa wood. Continue this process for each piece of string. 

Step Five:

       Clip your photos onto your new display! You can easily hang it by using command strips!

yes, I made two posts today! check out my Summer Obsessions!

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