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Hey, y’all! Welcome to part 2 of my 3  part Back to College series on my blog. Last week, I showed you guys how to create a simple DIY Rustic Photo Display. So, this week we’re taking our decorations from the wall to the desk. 😀 This DIY Giant Mouse Pad can bring a lot of color to a plain looking desk!

DIY Giant Mouse Pad



Lay your piece of wood flat on the inverted side of the fabric.


Using a permanent marker, outline the piece of wood. Don’t worry, your measurements don’t have to be perfect. As you can probably tell, I  kinda just eyeballed mine. 


Cut along the line you drew and hot glue the sides to the piece of wood. I cut the edges of fabric diagonally,  so that it would lay flat. 

Finished Product

I didn’t take any super good, aesthetically pleasing photos of this DIY, but here are pictures of the first time I created this DIY. More of these photos can be found in My College Dorm Room.

Yes, I made two post in one day! Check out My College Apartment Tour!

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