My College Apartment Tour | Sophomore Year

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        I moved into my first on-campus apartment in Fall of 2018, and couldn’t have been more excited. My friends and I were finally moving out of Windward Commons, the freshman dorms, and into Compass Point, an apartment complex.  Although, I was happy about being roommates with my college besties, I was even more happy about decorating. Each room had a color scheme and there are a few inexpensive DIY decor items included. 

My room

color scheme:pink, gold, and white

       I created an accent wall by adding gold polka dots. The dots are a simple way to add character to a boring white wall. I ordered mine here. 🙂


color scheme: turquoise, black, and white

Our kitchen was small, but functional and we made it work! 

I DIY’ed (is that a word? lol) the coffee sign and wooden utensils to match our color scheme.

I printed photos from my HP Sproket to add decorations to the fridge.


color scheme: navy blue, coral, and gold

Unfortunately, I never got any pictures of the couch, curtains, pillows, or tapestry from our living room. 🙁

Yes, I made two posts in one day! Check out my DIY Giant Mouse Pad!

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2 thoughts on “My College Apartment Tour | Sophomore Year

  1. omg! i love the polka dot accent walk. love love love the colors used in the kitchen and the DIY coffee sign. your apartment looks nice and cozy!

  2. So cute. I wish I would’ve done something like this in college. My roomies were too messy for me to spend so much time decorating 😂🙈

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