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       Fall 2019 is fast approaching and there’s still so many items I need to get.

As a rising junior and these are just a few essentials that I’ve gathered from my experiences. You can click any of the titles to view any of the products I use!


       Using a paper agenda is a useful way of keeping up with all of your tasks. At the beginning of each semester, I go through all of my class syllabus’ and write down the due date of each assignments.

       Reusable water bottles are a MUST! It’s important to stay hydrated after taking a 10-15 minute hike to class. :0 

Mattress Topper

       The beds provided in the on-campus housing aren’t always the best quality. A foam mattress topper can change the whole feel of the bed and make your sleeping experience so much more comfortable. 


       Headphones are an obvious essential for any college student. I mean… how else are you gonna block out the haters!? Earphones are also an essential because they’re good for eliminating the outside noise when you’re trying to focus. 

portable charger

       It might just be me, but my phone always seems to die at the most inconvenient times. 🙁 Carrying a portable charger in my bag ensures that my phone stays above 50% at all times!

command strips

       I feel like command strips/hooks are an essential that are often forgotten about until the last minute. Without command strips, it’s going to be difficult trying to hang any of your decor items! 

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       Although my university provides printing services, sometimes I don’t want to deal with the inconvience of walking to a building to print out an assignment. It’s just easier to have my own printer available.


Whether it’s 12 a.m. or 12 p.m., my friends and I are always ready to blast music and dance. A speaker comes in handy more than you think.

        I don’t know how it is in your city, but in Savannah, Georgia… when it rains, it POURS! Personally, I like to use both a rain jacket and an umbrella, just for extra protection. 

full length mirror

       Having a full length mirror is an essential because at one point or another, you’re going to need to see your entire outfit. Whether it’s before class, or before a night out with friends, you have to make sure your outfit on point.

long phone charger

       The 3ft Apple chargers are can be a huge inconviene. Especially when you’re laying in bed! The more traditional dorms have lofted beds and a standard charger simply isn’t going to reach. A longer charger will also be more convenient when moving around. I personally can’t lay in one position for too long, so a longer cord helps when I’m turning over and still wanting to scroll down Pinterest.


Congratulations, Laurel Carter!


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5 thoughts on “College Essentials | Giveaway

  1. Ah, college joys. These are great essentials to have in your dorm room. College is probably my most favorite period of my life to date. Take the Lord with you, and a will to learn. College is HARD for a number of reasons, but you learn so much about life, people, and yourself, if you are open to it.

    1. of course! Keeping Jesus by by your side is a must! Without him I would not be able to do anything! 🙂

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