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       It’s August, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.  I’m happy to be going back to college because I can see my friends again, but I’m also kinda unhappy because… have to go back to college and that means I’ll have to do schoolwork that I’ll eventually get tired of.  But one advantage that will always come with being a college student are the discounts and freebies! So, as a favor to both you and me,  I’ve constructed a list of 36 things you can get using your college ID!

disclaimer: you should always double check the location near you.


  • Chick Fil A – free drink
  • Subway – 10% off
  • Waffle House – 10% off
  • Papa Johns – 10-20% off
  • Chipotle – free drink
  • Dairy Queen – 10% off
  • Dominos – 10-20% off pizza
  • Kroger – 5% off
  • McDonald’s – 10% off




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8 thoughts on “36 Discounts Every College Student Should Know | College 101

  1. I will make sure to tell my college friends about these discounts! Wow I don’t even know about all of these!

  2. This is my favorite post right here. I didn’t know there were so many discounts for college students! Glad I saw this on twitter.

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