9 Self Care Apps You Need Download Today

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       Hey Y’all! Welcome or welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m happy to announce the start of a new series called Self Care Sunday. It’s time to start focusing on yourself and making yourself a priority. In this series, I will be making posts that pertain to self care in every aspect (mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally). I will also be opening up about my personal self care habits and building new ones. Today, I’ll be recommending 9 Self Care Apps that will benefit and build your own self care habits.   


      Headspace is an app that makes mediation easy. This app is perfect for beginners, as it provides dozens of guided meditations through audio sessions. Headspace starts each user with 10 courses called “Basics”, which essentially teaches you how to meditate. My favorite part of the app is categorized under the section called Sleep. In this section, users have access to sleep sounds and “Wind Downs”. Wind Downs are guided meditations to help destress and declutter your mind at the end of a long day.


      Shine is probably my favorite self-care app. The user interface is simple, seamless, and aesthetically pleasing. This app offers free Daily Shines, which are brief sessions of a guided meditation. Under a section called Quick Hitters, it allows you to quickly access meditations throughout the day. This app also provides challenges that can last anywhere from 3 – 10 days. Shine sends notifications during the day that allow you to quickly check your mood or gratitude.


      ShineDay is an app that is perfect for anyone who is trying to build healthy habits. A habit that I’ve been aiming to work towards, was listening to a podcast every morning, to start my day off right. My biggest problem is, I always forget! ShineDay sends you reminders of the habits you are trying to build. Once completed, you are able to check off the task and the app rewards you with cards.  

Plant Nanny

      Plant Nanny is for anyone who wants to be healthier and drink more water throughout the day. This app uses your weight and activity status to calculate how much water you should be drinking on a daily basis. Plant Nanny encourages you to drink water by planting a seed. The more water you drink, the more water your plant receives. The app sends you notifications during the day, reminding you to drink. You can watch as your plant thrives and grows!

Aloe Bud

      Aloe Bud is an app that reminds you of the importance of self care on a daily basis. Through gentle nudges, this cute little app allows you to track your mood, thoughts, and feelings as well as those small self care items. The aesthetic retro theme and simplistic interface makes this app easy to navigate through, without overwhelming the user. 


     The Flora app was created to decrease the usage of your phone. I find this app most useful when I am studying or trying to focus on my school work. With this app, you are able to set a timer, and during that time you refrain from touching your phone. As the timer counts down, a tree begins to grow. If you use your phone, the plant dies. 🙁 You can use this app along with your friends, by inviting them to plant with you. If you’re an environment advocate and really want to challenge yourself, you can place a bet using money. If you fail, you are charged and the money goes towards planting a real tree.


      Youper allows you to easily track your mood and journal your thoughts and feelings. The app generates advice based on your responses that can help encourage you and improve your mood. There’s also a section in the app that allows you to reflect back on other days where you tracked your mood, which I find helpful because I’m able to see how I was feeling and what caused it.  The more you check-in, the more the app is able to show you insights about yourself. The app also provides anxiety, depression, and PTSD screenings, which I personally find very beneficial. 


      Fellas, you can skip this one! Ladies, it’s time to get a little personal. 😉 Eve is the best period tracker app that I’ve found and it’s constantly improving! The most important part is that Eve accurately tracks my menstrual cycle, and sends cute notifications a few days before. Eve also provides a community, where you can ask questions, post polls, and interact with girls across the globe. You can join groups based on your interests and shared experiences (Game Room, Domestic Violence Support). The app even has a section that gives you a Cyclescope, which is essentially a cycle horoscope. It tracks your symptoms and tells you what symptoms your cycle sisters are experiencing.


       If you’re looking for an app that’s going to encourage you and send positive vibes your way, Jour is the app for you. Jour allows you to do quick 1 minute daily check-ins. My favorite parts of the app are the self affirmations. This app also has sections entitled Knowing Myself, Improve & Empower, Heal & Grow, and Combatting Anxiety. 

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4 thoughts on “9 Self Care Apps You Need Download Today

  1. I’m really enjoying a few of these apps. My favorite at the moment is youper. I was diagnosed with anxiety and most of the time and I have it under control however sometimes I get so out of whack I can’t control my emotions, but this app is helping me with that along with other things I use to ease my nerves.

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