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       Although, your main purpose of college should be studying, it’s okay to have a little fun along the way. 😀 So, for those nights when you wanna have a little kickback with your friends, I’m sharing 2 of my favorite games to play.  These games can be played while drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage or, if you’re like me and under 21, just a soda. 😉

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Giant Drunk Uno


  • Every player takes a shot to start the game
  • Draw 2: 1 shot
  • Draw 4: 2 shots
  • Skip: the person who is skipped, takes a shot
  • Reverse: the person who gets reversed, takes 1 shot
  • False Uno: takes 2 shots
  • Winner: Picks 1 player to take 3 shots



  • 2. Give 2: The player can make another player take 2 shots
  • 3. Drink 3: The player has to take 3 shots
  • 4. Girls Drink: All girls playing must drink
  • 5. Bust A Jive: The player does a dance move, then the following player repeats the dance move and adds their own. Continue this and the player who makes a mistake, takes a shot
  • 6. Guys Drink: All guys playing must drink.
  • 7. Heaven: This player can point to the sky at any point during the game. All players must point, and the last person to point, takes a shot. This continues until another 7 is pulled.
  • 8. Mate: The player picks another player to be their mate. Whenever one of the first player drinks, their "mate" must drink as well.
  • 9. Bust A Rhyme: The player picks a word. All players must say a word to rhyme with the in initial word. The first player who fails to rhyme, takes a shot.
  • 10. Cateorgies: This player chooses a category. Each player must come up with something that fits into the category. The first player to make a mistake, takes a shot. Example: Cereal Brands, Colors, Car Companies
  • Jack: You are the Thumb Master. Whenever you chose, you can place your thumb on the table and all players must do the same! last person to do this, has to take a shot. You remain the thumb master until another Jack Is drawn.
  • Queen: You ask a question to a player. That player must then ask another player a question. Whoever answers a question, or fails to come up with a question, must drink. You can't ask a question to the person, who asked you.
  • King: New Rule: This player creates a new rule to the game. Whoever fails to abide by the rule, must drink! Example: Little green man- You must take the imaginary little green man off your cup, place him on the table, drink, and place him back on your cup. If you fail to do any of these steps, you drink!
  • Ace: Waterfall ! Everyone drinks! The player who pulled the card can stop whenever he/she wants. Once the first player stops, the player to their right can stop etc.
drink responsibly, ladies!

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