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       I’ve been natural for all of 6 months, and it has been quite an experience. I have bought countless amounts of products, trying to see which works best for my hair. I’m going to be sharing my curl knowledge, as well as any tips I’ve learned this far. This post is for anyone who  just went natural, is thinking about going natural, or is even transitioning. Here’s my very detailed, wash day routine, so bare with me. 😉 

btw, my hair type is 3B/4A.


       Because my hair is low porosity, meaning it doesn’t absorb moisture well, I have to take an extra step to prep my hair before I shampoo. The pre poo is used to protect my hair from some of the harsh chemicals that can be found in  shampoos. 

MY DIY PrePoo Treatment


       Shampoo’s are used to clean the debris from your scalp. With natural hair, it is best to find a sulfate free shampoo because sulfate can strip your hair of its natural moisture. I used the Creme Of Nature Sulfate – free shampoo.  


       The shampooing process is very hard on my hair, it’s important that I don’t wash it too often. I shampoo every other week, and in between washes I co-wash (conditioner wash). A simple co-wash  helps remove excess  buildup from my scalp. 


       A good conditioner is important,  because it helps bring moisturize back to my hair. Moisturized Hair= Healthy Hair. I use the Lush American Cream conditioner, but a less expensive option is the Creme Of Nature Pure Honey Conditioner. 

Deep Conditioner

       With one last attempt to getting my hair to retain moisture, I finish my wash day routine with a deep conditioner. I place a plastic cap over  my head and allow the conditioner to sit for 30 minutes. I apply heat by using a blow dryer. 

I don't know why, but I've suddenly become obsessed with honey. :)

       I never noticed that all of my wash routine products were by Creme Of Nature until I made this post. 😀

no, this post isn't sponsored, but I wish it was. haha. 

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7 thoughts on “TWA Wash Day | Self Care Sunday

  1. I just purchased the Pure Honey collection.. well, just the shampoo and conditioner so I’m excited to see how it works on my hair.

  2. Your hair looks AMAZING ! The curls look healthy 🙂 I haven’t tried cream of natures new line but I love their products 🙂

    I’m low porosity too . You should try their hair mask it’s awesome for our low porosity ! You should do more hair journey posts you are in a good part of your journey that so many people need inspiration on 🙂

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