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       If you’re anything like me then, you’re not always the most organized person. We are already a few weeks into the semester, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to get your sh*t together. 😉 Today, I’m sharing how I prepare, and stay organized throughout my semester. 



       How do you expect to turn all of your assignments in ON TIME, if you don’t write down any of the due dates? Maybe, you’re one of those people who have a photographic memory, and is able to remember every assignment given, but I’m not. I may not turn my assignments in late, but I’m definitely guilty of submitting an assignment at 11:58, when it was due at 11:59. My planner allows me to get an idea of all the assignments due within the next week, and plan out when I’m actually going to do them.


       The paper planner doesn’t always work for me. There’s been times where I’ve left my planner untouched in my book bag for weeks. 🙁 Putting all of my assignment due dates into my phone, just makes it more convenient . I also set alerts within the calendar app, so that I’m reminded 2 days before the assignment is due.


     Now, I’ve mentioned this app before, and I stand by it. The Flora app was created to decrease the usage of your phone. I find this app most useful when I am studying or trying to focus on my school work. With this app, you are able to set a timer, and during that time you refrain from touching your phone. As the timer counts down, a tree begins to grow. If you use your phone, the plant dies. 🙁 You can use this app along with your friends, by inviting them to plant with you. If you’re an environment advocate and really want to challenge yourself, you can place a bet using money. If you fail, you are charged and the money goes towards planting a real tree.


       This is honestly the best piece of advice I can give. To prevent myself from procrastinating, I try to complete 2 days in advance, and study for tests almost a week in advance. Now, this semester has started off a little rocky, but I’m definitely getting back into the groove this week. 


       Reviewing your notes after class will help you retain the information, and prevent you from cramming before your next test. Not only is reviewing important, but also, taking quality notes. Here’s a secret: You don’t have to write down everything on the board, only the important details. haha.  😀 Here’s an example of my notes, and my style is very unique, to say the least. 


       While all of those other tips may have been useful, nothing is more important than your mental health. Let me say that again, nothing is more important than your mental health. You can not succeed this semester, if you aren’t taking care of yourself. So, if the assignments, exams, labs, and volunteer hours become too overwhelming, TAKE A BREAK! And do not be ashamed.


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2 thoughts on “How I Stay Organized in College | College 101

  1. You and I are seriously alike! lol I used my planner and multiple planning tools to help me get through college. It’s so important to plan and to stay on top of assignments and test dates because you can’t cram the night before like in high school 😅 so yeah, great tips!

  2. Good you used the FLORA app to finish your assignments in advance.Thanks for introducing to such app..

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