My Quarantine Self Care | Self Care Sunday

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       Okay so, am I the only one who still can’t believe this whole thing is happening? Schools are closed, stores are shut down, and we’ve been quarantined inside our houses for a few weeks. It’s surreal. 🙁 

       But just because we’re stuck indoors for the majority of our days, doesn’t mean we should slack on our personal care. During this pandemic, it’s easy to forget the importance of self care. Because I know store supplies are limited, and the simple fact that people may feel uncomfortable leaving their homes, I decided to make this a DIY self care routine. All of the products made, will be with items you can most likely find around your house. 

Avocado and Honey Hair Mask

the texture should be similar to this

Product Benefits:

Honey Vanilla Lip Scrub


Foaming Face Mask

Sorry guys, I didn't get any pictures of this mask.

Product Benefits:

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One thought on “My Quarantine Self Care | Self Care Sunday

  1. This is all surreal! and i feel so much more stress in my life daily, I need some R&R and a DIY Spa night sounds amazing! Thank you!

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