Empty Bottles Full Of Stories

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       Okay, does reading books in my spare time make me a nerd? If it does, bare with me. As I mentioned in My Spring Semester Goals, I want to read more.  I want to read books and poems about people’s experiences with mental health, pain, race, healing, addiction, self love, and finding themselves. So, since I’ve been on this book discovering journey, I thought it was only right to recommend one of my new favorite book, with a twist! Yes, a twist! 🙂 I’m collabing with my friend, Kaevyn, who is also sharing a few book reviews of her own. 

The authors

       How can I tell you about the book, without first telling you about why I’m so obsessed with it. Empty Bottles Full Of Stories is authored by Robert M. Drake, and r.h. Sin. While searching through a series of positive affirmations posted on Pinterest, I came upon R.M. Drake. I began researching Drake’s work. which lead me to the discovery of r.h. Sin. First, I fell in love with his Instagram feed, then his wife, and then, his life. haha. {that rhymed} Which sounds kinda weird, but it’s true. His instagram feed is filled with his poetry, and glimpses of his life. Which is how I discovered Samantha, his wife and mesmerizing poet. Their poetry reflects their life experiences, most of which I could relate to.


        Empty Bottles Full of Stories is broken into two unique sections. The Curse, written by R.M. Drake, and The Gift, by r.h. Sin. Drake’s portion of the book seemed to focus on heartache, and the tragedy of loss, which had a simplistic writing style. His heart wrenching poems left quite the impression on me. On the other hand, Sin’s half focused on the discovery of self worth, and unhealthy relationships. I appreciate r.h. Sins unique writing style, which features short narratives, rather than the traditional stanzas. This diverse collaboration did not disappoint, and was exactly what I needed.

The Curse | Robert M. Drake
The Gift | r.h.sin

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2 thoughts on “Empty Bottles Full Of Stories

  1. Wow. Thank you for sharing. I read the excerpt in the photo you included and my heart just hurt. I am going through that right now – almost exactly as those words are written is exactly where I am at. I am just being completely transparent. How may I get a copy of the book ?

  2. If reading makes you a nerd, then I’m equally guilty. I’ve loved and written poetry all my life, so I’m excited to hear about Empty Bottles Full of Stories. Thank you for sharing this find.

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