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       I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Self Care Sunday is my favorite series!! So, is it any surprise that I’m back again with another post? If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already gotten a sneak peak at this routine. I’ve shared my normal Self Care Sunday Routine with you guys, but things have changed within the past few weeks. Therefore, my routine did too. haha. 

       I promise I’m going to put y’all on, to a few new products, but so is my friend Ashley!! We collabed on this quarantine self care routine, so be sure to check her post out!!

Sunday Mornings

       I still manifest on Sunday mornings, but now I’ve taken it a step further. In last week’s post, I mentioned the benefits of taking an hour. How can I talk about Sunday Mornings without talking about God? Previously, I would go to church on Sunday’s, but since that’s kinda cancelled… To ensure I’m getting enough worship time, I use the Bible app. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, this is my FAVORITE app! Add me as a friend, pray with me, or start a plan with me. 🙂 


Hair Mask

       Anyone who’s been on the internet at all in the last couple of months, has heard about the Bentonite Clay mask. Y’all know I would never steer you wrong, so when I tell you to INVEST, I mean it! This mask already has so many benefits for your hair, and I haven’t even mentioned what it does to your curls. Let’s just take a moment, and admire the curl definition. 😀 😀 😀 Oh, and I left the mask in for about 30 minutes!

       On a weekly basis, I use the Eden Bodyworks, Split End  Repair Masque and I LOVE IT!! Y’all, the slip on this mask is amazing, and I have seen and felt the improvements in my hair. 🙂 My ends aren’t as dry, and I don’t have as much breakage. 10/10 recommend!!


       I made my first smoothie bowl! No, it wasn’t a soupy mess, and the secret is FROZEN fruits!! 



Face Mask

       Judge me not!! I know I look crazy, but this face mask brightens my complexion!!

Sunday Afternoons

Foot Soak

       I’ve browsed through dozens of Pinterest posts, searching for the perfect at home foot soak. But I’ve come to the realization that the best foot soak is ALL of the products combined!! They may sound weird, but BARE with me. 😉 *insert drum noise* 



foot GIF

you've been warned !! haha.

       After soaking my feet for 20 – 30 minutes, I followed it up with a foot scrub. 


Armpit Detox

       Summer time is right around the corner, and let me tell you: You can not be SUMMERTIME FINE, with funky armpits!! It’s impossible! haha. Do a little armpit detox, I used my bentonite clay mask! 

Shower Time

       Y’all should already know, I’m an advocate for Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. I wash my entire body with the peppermint soap, following it up with the Dove Warm Vanilla body wash, while using an exfoliating rag. Go ahead and add it to your shopping list! 🙂 Thank me later!


       Speaking of exfoliating, don’t just exfoliate your face, exfoliate your ENTIRE BODY!! From top to bottom, and everywhere in between! I use the Raw Sugar Coconut + Mango Sugar Scrub.

Beauty Makeup GIF by Root


       Girl, I shaved everything, no I’m not exaggerating {this time} 😉 . I’m currently using a razor, by the brand Flamingo. No complaint’s yet 🙂 .

shaving GIF

Make Up

       Successful Wash N Go!? I think, YES!! Don’t worry, I have an updated wash day routine, and a natural hair journey coming soon! Oh, and I did my makeup! Nothing special, haha. I usually go for a natural look! 🙂

Sunday Evenings


       I usually finish my Self Care Sunday by trying a local new restaurant. But since all of them are CLOSED, I finish my day’s by trying a new home cooked recipe. A few weeks ago, I tried Hibachi chicken + steak, and fried rice. But I didn’t save ANY of the pictures!! I know, I’m upset too. 


       I’ve been pretty successful at implementing more reading into my schedule. One of my favorite books is Empty Bottles Full of Stories.  If you guys have any book recommendations, comment below!

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7 thoughts on “Self Care While Self Isolating | Pamper Routine

  1. What a great self care routine! Self care is always important but especially now when people are so on edge. I wish I could devote an entire day to it myself! and I’m adding that exfoliating rag to my shopping cart

  2. I’m definitely going to look into the hair mask! I’ve really been trying to find something to do with my hair because my routine has been the same since high school and it doesn’t really work too well but anything I can find is either for straight hair or doesn’t work. I cant wait to see your hair care journey too!

    1. yes, girl!! I’ve been natural for a year and I feel like it’s hard to find GOOD natural hair products, that isn’t damaging to your hair!

  3. This is a great self care routine. I love Eden Body Works hair products. Also, you just reminded me to give myself a much needed foot spa.

  4. I cracked up when you said you shaved everything! lol I love that dove body wash and I am adding some of these to my self care routine!!!

  5. Self Care Sunday’s are my favorite! I never thought to detox my armpits but I may give it a try!!

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